Home Theater Projector VPL-VW695ES 4K HDR

4K HDR Home Theater Performance

Sony continues to be the leader in 4K HDR home theater performance  – experience crystal-clear 4K HDR with brightness that lights up the room. A dynamic contrast ratio of 350,000:1 and Advanced Iris, every scene springs to life with finer detail, realism, and deep blacks. Picture Position Memories let you quickly watch movies in the ideal screen format with ease.

Home Theater Projector

We’ve been partnering with Sony for 24+ years and think they are hands-down the best in the business when it comes to video technology. As a Sony custom design & installations professional I will be one of a select number of integrators to obtain this incredible home theater projector. Of all the video brands on the market, their televisions and projectors have consistently produced the best picture of anything out there. In addition, history has shown them to be extremely reliable compared to other brands over the years, and Sony doesn’t just make TVs, projectors, Play-stations, and personal audio products. They are also one of the largest manufacturers of high-end cameras and studio equipment used to shoot and edit your favorite movies and sporting events. But it doesn’t stop there. If you walk into any modern commercial cinema and look at the projector, most are a commercial Sony 4K projector.

So the fact of the matter is, they create the equipment to shoot, edit, and view television and movies. In our opinion, this means that when you watch on a Sony, you’re seeing a picture that is as close to the original as you’re going to get.

Watching The Rise of 4K

Over the past few years, we’ve been watching the rise of 4K. They first introduced it back in 2012, but as is the case with any new technology, it took some time to go mainstream. There was very little content. Fast forward to 6 years later, and most of the content you watch today is available in 4K! From 4K Blu-ray players to Netflix, to AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, DirecTV and even YouTube, there are tons of way to see 4K content. And with four times the resolution of high-definition, the benefits are plain as day.

Written by McEvoy

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