Furman IT-Reference 20i thoroughly cleans, conditions AC power every audiophiles Dream

Furman IT-Reference 20i Thoroughly Cleans, Conditions AC Power Every Audiophile’s Dream!

Furman’s solution-based technology

In studios, live sound, and broadcast facilities, breakdown is unacceptable. Equipment failure or poor performance is costly. The same is true of today’s home theater. Furman’s solution-based technology, extensive engineering expertise, and robust build quality have answered the challenge of protecting home theater components from today’s corrupted power lines. The IT-Reference 20i is their flagship power conditioner, built to provide clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system. Symmetrical Balanced Power With Dual Screen Technology Five Discrete Power Banks Power Factory Technology For Surplus Power Content Virtually Maintenance-Free AC Surge Suppression.More than ample twelve rear-panel AC outlets accommodate 20-amp or standard 15-amp AC plugs. Furman originally built their reputation by developing equipment to meet the extreme AC power demands of professional recording, film, and broadcast studios & for YOUR investment in a 5-6 figure Home theater

Or audiophile 2 channel music room – Bend at the knee however, this one is Furman’s biggest, baddest power conditioner weighing in hair under 100LBS

While buying audiophile & reference Home theater gear by the pound might be the gold standard in some owners minds we did notice that compared to our previous top model PS Audio P20 the Furman was at least as good some thought the Furman BETTER what I can tell you is that with in the IT-Reference 20i I saw there is absolutely NO NEED to ever invest more then $4,000 on ANY HT or reference audio system – this gets out BEST BUY award!

An isolation transformer regenerates pristine AC power for your most sensitive gear

All electronic components operate best with a steady supply of clean AC power, and high-definition video equipment like Blu-ray players, flat-panel TVs, and projectors are notoriously finicky. The IT-Reference 20i addresses this issue with a built-in “isolation transformer” that feeds noise-free regenerated power to eight of the rear-panel outlets. That puts a stop to noise-inducing ground loops, and power supply backwash between connected components. You’ll see noticeably improved picture detail and deeper black levels.

Power Factor Technology: Like a turbocharger for your amplifiers

Truly exciting sound requires wide-open dynamics. To reproduce instantaneous sonic peaks or “transients” cleanly, like a car crash or a cymbal crash, an amplifier needs lots of high-current power. During these moments, amplifiers — including those in receivers and powered subwoofers — may require more current than is available from your home’s AC line.

Solution? Plug your amplifier into one of the IT-Reference 20i’s high-current outlets. Furman’s unique Power Factor Technology creates a “current reservoir” capable of delivering over 80 amps of peak current. Your amplifier gets the current it needs when it needs it most.

Protection for every pathway

The IT-Reference 20i constantly monitors incoming AC, and if an over-voltage condition is detected, power is automatically shut off to all connected equipment. And Furman’s rugged surge suppressor circuitry can withstand multiple catastrophic high-voltage spikes and keep right on protecting your system. Three sets of coaxial inputs and outputs protect your satellite, cable TV and antenna connections. And one pair of protected jacks prevents spikes from sneaking in through your phone line.

The IT-Reference 20i constantly monitors incoming AC

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Written by McEvoy

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