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Acurus ACT4 2800 Watt 3 Component Set-Up

Acurus Cinema Processor Technology

Acurus continues to remain first to market with the latest immersive cinema processor technology. They were first to introduce sub-$10k wholly designed American immersive audio processor, first with both 7.3.6 Dolby Atmos and 7.1.4 DTS:X native decoding, first with full support of HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2, and now first to expand into the 20-channel realm with 15.1 Dolby Atmos native decoding plus four extra configurable channels. Couple this layout expansion with the ACT 4’s superb implementation of the latest Dolby and DTS upmixers, and you have a listening experience that’s as phenomenal as it is flexible.


You just won’t find any other immersive processor with the features, capabilities, and installer-friendly focus that the ACT 4 has to offer coupled with (2) A2007 power amps you have a system worthy of a King and one that IMPO will never need upgrading and considering that most HT owners buy and sell their gear every 2-3 years buying this systems ONCE would actually make that process obsolete and be the heart & brains of any state-of-the-art audio, video multi-channel system. IMPORTANT TO NOTE  this is just one of many different set-ups that can be created we build the perfect set-up for your budget to go into YOUR home/room so depends on how it is customized to your needs. We have 6-8 even 10 components rack mounted for out most demanding customers no matter what the size or investment ACURUS ACT4 w/matching power amps sounds terrific!

If you already have the ACT 4, Indy Audio Labs, the company behind the Acurus ACT 4 says that it is offering a hardware/firmware upgrade kit that adds the 20-channel capability to existing ACT-4 models.

Acurus ACT-4 AV Processor Back panel View

Some might say 10 Grand is NOT  “Budget Friendly” option for a pre/pro, but let’s break it down to see what you are getting:

  • 20 channels for: 9.1.6 (wide supported) or 7.3.6 Dolby Atmos and 7.1.4 DTS:X native decoding and 4 additional configurable outputs
  • balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs
  • USB charging
  • Higher resolution DACs (32bit, 192kHz)
  • Added Microcontroller processing (was 3 MCUs now is 4 MCUs)
  • HDMI 1.4a to HDMI 2.0b (now delivers 3D and 4K, 60Hz pass thru) and HDCP 2.2 Support
  • Increased integration and modularity in the hardware architecture
  • New ASPEQT PEQ Tool

Additional web-control features and system upgrades to support the upcoming Acurus automatic room correction tool, ASPEQT (Acurus Speaker Parameter EQ Tool), are included in the new system, as well. Adding up all the above results in a more expensive but much more capable processor.  By making it modular and by over-designing several aspects of the hardware including the DSP engine, Acurus now has a unique design that will enjoy several years of life even in light of ever-changing standards.  Best of all the ACT-4 is ENGINEERED & BUILT in the USA right at their corporate headquarters in Indianapolis.

Written by McEvoy

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