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Integra DRX-R1.1 11 Ch Dynamo with Elac Speaker System


The Integra DRX-R1.1 is hands down one of the best AV receivers offered to Home Theater owners with it’s fantastic array of the latest technology coupled with an amp that sounds amazing and has tons of flexible features. O.K., but,…Who is INTEGRA?

Integra isn’t as popular as many brands you see in your local big box stores, for those that do not know who Integra is it is  Onkyo’s “high-end” line kind of Toyota’s LEXUS if you will and is mainly found in home theater specialty shops, or from installation professional like us.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to HDBaseT Connections

Either way this is Integra’s current top-of-the-line model supports 11.2 channels, with a conservative 140 watts per channel at 8 ohms.  The R1.1 has the features, technology and tons of enviable power output. From 4K video, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to HDBaseT connections, Integra’s flagship model takes AV receivers to a whole new level and is a good alternative to many for NOT going the separates rout leaving m,ore money to invest in very good speakers and ELAC is one of the BEST speakers to match to the Integra DRX-R1.1 dar.

Over the course of last 20-30 years we’ve installed a variety of high-performance speakers by 100 different manufactures, the current level of engineering at ELAC America has been incredible in all price ranges, sizes and categories including floor standing towers, bookshelf, in-wall, on wall, in ceiling & powered subs. One thing that is absolutely certain if you want a great home theater experience you need to start with not only a very good speaker but, the right speakers for your room. ELAhas become one of the hottest names in audio over the past few years, they’ve actually been around far longer than most audio companies. ELAC was founded in Germany in 1926. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, their turntables were sold all over the world under the Benjamin Miracord name. Throughout their history, ELAC has made various speaker lines which have been quite popular in Europe. They had just never gotten much traction in North America.

Integra DRX-R1.1

The best series matching the performance of the Integra DRX-R1.1 are the remarkable Debut, Uni-Fi Seriesloudspeakers, working opur way up to the  Adante Series. What we strive to do is bring excellent value and great home theater experience and ALL of the ELAC series can be used with this receiver just a matter of the room size limitations and budget.

For our audiophiles we design systems including Adante’s advanced design –  with a precision-built cabinet that features Interport-Coupled Cavity bass loading to exploit the highest performance from new active and passive bass drivers. The inherent superiority of this design solution delivers some of the most authoritative, realistic bass around. Complementing Adante’s custom low-frequency drivers is the all-new concentric midrange/tweeter, a natural-sound wonder engineered expressly for the Adante series. The Adante AF-61 Floorstanding Tower, AS-61 Stand Mount Monitor and AC-61 Center Channel each represent a “clean sheet” design unique to ELAC, where technical solutions, precision engineering and superior craftsmanship all come together to create a breathtaking trio of loudspeakers that sound—and look—like nothing else in the world. Go ahead and challenge Adante with everything you’ve got. We did. Further proof that ELAC is the life of sound.

Home Theater Design Florida Integra DRX

There are endless combinations & possibilities

Written by McEvoy

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