Kaleidescape Tackles 4K Streaming Players and UHD Content

Kaleidescape Tackles 4K Streaming Players and UHD Content

Kaleidescape Beginnings

If you’ve become a videophile, Home Theater owner, or even just a casual A/V aficionado, you’re probably familiar with the Kaleidescape. They’re the company that literally invented the movie server category. Back when DVDs were king, Kaleidescape’s first movie used  a series of hard drives, to utilize the company’s Movie Guide database to identify & sort your films in a variety of ways, and then present your collection in a glorious, onscreen user interface. The system was revolutionary, but it didn’t come cheap: Early models cost upwards of $30,000.

Kaleidescape Unveiled Their Online Movie Store

As Blu-rays came onto the scene, Kaleidescape updated their technology with Blu-ray drives and greater hard-disk capacities, so that their servers would remain the ultimate portal for movie lovers. Kaleidescape unveiled their online Movie Store in December 2012, a development that paved the way for this latest generation of product. Here, customers could purchase and download films directly to their machines in full disc quality. All the digital convenience with none of the compromise. Recently, Kaleidescape completely abandoned the disc-dependent system that the company was founded on, instead relying 100 percent on their Movie Store to provide content.

Kaleidescape Supports Nearly Every Control System

There are several models available one that fits your needs & budget can only be found after a short conversation with one of our experts but Kaleidescape supports nearly every control system on the market, its terrific iPad control interface, how Kaleidescape bookmarks the most iconic scenes and songs in films so you can jump straight to your favorite moments (or bookmark your own personal favorites), the ability to create a kid’s collection based solely on age-appropriate content, and the variety of ways to browse your collection, such as by actor, director, rating, or run time.

Your home cinema experience is only as good as the weakest link in the chain, and Kaleidescape’s Servers ensure that content delivery will be of the highest caliber.

For home theater enthusiasts, that is most demanding & passionate about picture quality and the overall cinematic experience

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