KRELL XD Power Amplifiers Truly Impress The Most Demanding Audiophile

KRELL XD Power Amplifiers Truly Impress The Most Demanding Audiophile!

Home Theater Florida Introduces KRELL XD Power Amplifiers

With KRELL’S NEW XD upgraded to their I-Bias amplifiers comes a new level of demand & respect from audiophiles everywhere while we believe Krell sounded great before, the XD upgrades continue to astound listeners with the major sonic improvements. The “XD” upgrade for the Chorus/Duo/Solo amplifiers reduces the output impedance to less than half of its original value. This lower output impedance better damps unwanted speaker vibrational modes. Changing the output impedance also necessitated re-compensating each amplifier stage to achieve optimal critically damped transient response. This ensures that the amplifier accurately follows the dynamics of the input signal.

Here’s a Couple of Press Reactions to The Krell Powered System:

“The electronics were supplied by Krell Industries and Rondi D’Agostino, Managing Director, and Walter Schofield (COO) were on hand to explain their Krell products. The Posh speakers were driven by a Krell Duo 300 XD amp and Krell Illusion preamp with an Oracle Delphi Signature turntable and Oracle PH-200 phono stage as the source. The Grand Studio speakers were fed by an Oracle Origin turntable, an Oracle Origin tonearm, an Oracle PH-100 phono stage, and a Krell K-300i amplifier. All cables were by Kimber Cable.

If there were one word I could use to describe the sound in this room from both speaker models, it would be ‘fun’. The expression on the faces of the audience said it all. It was very obvious that everyone in the room was having a great time. We waited for 10 minutes to get a good seat but it was in vain. The people in the room were having too much of a good time to give up their seats. We were therefore forced to listen by standing at the back of the room. Despite this, we could easily tell that the sound quality was quite outstanding. The PRaT (pace, rhythm and timing) was spot on, the highs and the mids were very seductive and the bass was taut and well controlled.”

– Part Time Audiophile

“Oracle, Krell and Gershman Acoustics have joined forces to offer a flawless presentation around two systems at very different price levels. The most ambitious of the two systems consisted of an Oracle Delphi Signature turntable, an Oracle PH-200 phono stage, a Krell Illusion Preamplifier, a Krell Duo 300 XD amplifier and the famous Gershman Acoustics Posh loudspeakers. It is a very ambitious audio system with immense qualities in terms of sound.

However, what really caught my attention is the second audio system whose proposition is geared towards a much more affordable budget. It consists of an Oracle Origin turntable, an Oracle Origin swivel arm, an Ortofon MC-1 Turbo cell, an Oracle PH-100 phono stage, an integrated Krell K-300i amplifier and Gershman Acoustics Studio 2 loudspeakers. All cables were from Kimber Kables. What a beautiful HiFi system with a very lively swing! First, the Platinum Origin injects a serious dose of life into a system. The surprising Krell K-300i amplifier is rock solid and drives the Gershman Studio 2 with an iron fist. The sound filled the room with a jazz tune with an excellent sense of rhythm and I actually caught my foot accompanying the tempo. Nice demo, we will surely have the opportunity to listen this set-up at the Montreal Audio Show 2019 in March. Don’t miss this !” – TED (Trends, electronics and designs)

“And that segues conveniently into the Gershman Acoustics demonstration room where the lovely Mrs. Gershman showed their fabulous $129,000 Posh flagship as well as the Studio II in a pair of integrated metal stands. Sharing the suite were Krell reps Rondi D’Agostino and Walter Schofield displaying their advanced new Krell K-300i integrated as well as the Oracle rep whose pair of tables did double duty as musical source and light show. The priority in this room was music and when the discussion turned not to equipment details but incredible sounding demo material, you knew the hardware had properly done its job. – Six Moons

KRELL has recently said they are going to start building the Krell K-300i end of November, however, we have so many on order, if one were to order now, it would likely not be delivered until after the first of the year. I suggest you get into the queue now or it could be further down the line.

Krell continues its resurgence, having increased sales volume again in October and shipping all we can build. Wait times are starting to get to a couple of weeks as we ramp up production further, and we cannot thank you, our partners, enough for the support

Written by McEvoy

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