SONANCE R2 Reference in-wall Home Theater system – incredible sound without the boxes!

SONANCE R2 Reference In-Wall Home Theater System – Incredible Sound Without The Boxes!

Sonance Reference Series

The Sonance Reference series stands out first and foremost because of its audiophile sound quality which provides truly incredible sound. Engineered to give you an amazing cinema experience in any room and because of its breadth and consistency. Each main channel option, including the R2 in-wall and R1C in-ceiling has a matching surround speaker. All of these speakers feature the same technology and tonal qualities, so they blend seamlessly. You can combine in-wall left and right speakers with a traditional cabinet center channel and in-ceiling rear speakers, and even an in-wall or in-room Sonance subwoofer to match. No matter which options you choose you will get a consistent, and very high-quality, sound. Add in the Sonance DSP amplifiers, such as the 2-750, and the 8-130MKII and you have a system that is better than the sum of its parts.

Written by McEvoy

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