SONY VPL-VW995ES Stunning SXRD™ 4K Laser HDR Home Theater Projector

SONY VPL-VW995ES Stunning SXRD™ 4K Laser HDR Home Theater Projector

The VPL-VW995ES Produces a Gorgeous Image

So, any projector in this price range leaves jaw dropping OMG wow factor but, the VPL-VW995ES projector sits in the lineup above the current $24,999.99 VW885ES, and below the $60K VW5000ES flagship. It’s got all the latest and amazing technology & is a laser projector – with dual irises. Well, really, a dynamic iris, and also Sony has set up the laser light engine to double as a second iris. Black levels are substantially improved over older Sonys. Nice. And, there’s also more dynamic range to the images. While reviewing dozens of closely price flagship new models, which included a lot of comparisons – against each other, The VPL-VW995ES produces a gorgeous image, and does so at 2,200 lumens. It offers all the usual advantages of laser light engines – holding color accurately, and maintaining brightness for years, with little loss.

Sony – The Leader In Native Projectors

Sony – long the leader in native 4K projectors, has improved performance and the value proposition in their two new lower cost projectors, while the VW995ES (which also has new optics, better than all but the VW5000ES), provides a level of natural clarity and sharpness, that is going to be extremely difficult for others to match. Stunning.

Written by McEvoy

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